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What is 'ProblemReport'?

'ProblemReport' is a service, provided by Hrdlicka spol. s r.o. company, that allows reporting and processing problems. The service is provided as a web application or application for the Android operation system. The application consists of two parts: an application for problem reporting and an applications for processing of reported problems and answer to notifier.

What problems can be reported?

Common problems - glitches that citizens generally meets in the municipality. The service has either a standard set of problems such as disorder, parking, nighttime calm disturbing, etc., or set of problems, which defines respective municipalities. This may vary in individual municipalities.

How do I report a problem?

The problem can be reported eighter from your PC or notebook in a web browser by running an appropriate link from municipality website or by using 'smart mobile phone' with Android operation system after you download and install the application ProblemReport from Google Play pages.

What are the mandatory data in reported problem?

The reporting requires obligatorily position of the problem in a map only (in the case of mobile devices, the position is automatically determined by the location of the device), identify the type of problem and e-mail address. Other information is optional. Reports can be submitted anonymously or You can list your contact information.

Will I get an answers to reported problem?

Reported problem, after its sending, is immediatelly available to an officer, who has been intended to process the problem of that type in the relevant area. The officer would inform you by notify message to your e-mail address about processing the problem. This will be done by a second part of the ProblemReport service, that facilitates up this communication.

How do I attach a photo to reported problem?

A photo of reported problem can be attached It is very easy by selecting a stored file of photo on your PC when using web application or directly by one step of application when using a mobile device.

Why the changes referred in ReleaseNotes do not show on my computer?

It is recommended to clear the cache of your web browser. Read the instructions for your Web browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer. If the problem persists, please contact the 'Customer Centre' of service provider.